YS Bharathi Usually, Kadapa parliamentary constituency is regarded as a stronghold for the YS family. YSR won as an MP from here 4 times while YS Viveka won twice. Jagan won twice.

The current MP is Avinash Reddy who is now the main accused in YS Viveka murder case. Avinash has amassed a lot of negativity in wake of the recent incidents. He has attributed a black mark to YCP.

In this context, there are now rumors that Jagan plans to sideline Avinash in the next election and instead field his mother Vijayamma or wife Bharathi.

There has been a talk that Jagan has been sidelining his close family members. He is said to be looking to counter the same by bringing back Vijayamma to active politics and field her for Kadapa MP seat. But Vijayamma had moved away from the party and is with Sharmila in Telangana now. Her coming back is a distinct possibility for now.

Meanwhile, there’s been a parallel talk that Jagan could very well field his wife YS Bharathi from Kadapa. Her family is also from Kadapa and she is actively involved in the back-end operations as she is the commander in chief at YCP’s mouthpiece Sakshi Media.

There are rumors that Jagan could well field Bharathi from Kadapa parliamentary constituency in the coming election? Will that be the case? We shall wait and see.