YCP Social Media All the while, YSRCP‘s social media wing used to be comfortably ahead of the game when it came to countering Chandrababu and TDP’s social media campaign.

Until last year, YSRCP’s social media wing used to spread negative trends even on Chandrababu’s birthday. They used to use offensive and abusive trends against Naidu till even last year.

But that is not the case this time around as TDP has fully recovered lost ground and standing affirm in the context of the next AP elections.

Marking the occasion of Chandrababu’s birthday today, TDP troops have been having a field day. They are trending the Happy Birthday CBN tag all over the internet now and TDP troops are ruling the roost on social media now.

In response, YSRCP has no answers to the challenge posed by TDP. Several top celebs and political personalities have been wishing CBN on the occasion of his birthday today.

YSRCP social media used to counter the same till last year through negative trends. But the paid trends are BARELY able to counter TDP;s overwhelming display of power this year. They are clueless about handling TDP’s wave this time around. They are clearly exhausted and out and under this time around.

This could very well be an indication of the change of dynamic in the context of next elections in Andhra Pradesh.