Sex Affairs IndiaEverything is fair in love and war, they say, and some people are making the most of this proverb. In a report by NCRB, the reason for the most number of murders in India is love and sex affairs. Of late, it has become common to do away with the murder of the third element in a love triangle or the subject of aspiration if they refuse to accept the advances of the opposite sex.

It is also seen that these days there are more reports of a husband getting murdered by his own wife and her lover.

Popular cinema has several such stories of late as the plot is a huge audience draw. Thanks to the era of streaming channels, such plots with the criminal intent of love-lorn couples and their dark stories are being sold like hotcakes.

And just like their screen counterparts, ordinary people, too, are engaging in violence to profess their love or to eliminate an unwanted character. The situation has come to a point where the percentage of murders due to love affairs ranks above personal vendetta and property disputes.

While around 67,000 personal vendetta murders have been reported, 51,554 cases of property disputes have been reported in the past few years. Meanwhile, around 44,400 cases were reported of love affairs. Surprisingly though, while personal vendetta cases came down by 4%, those of property disputes came down by 12%. Well, murders due to love affairs rose by 28%.