Pawan KalyanThe other day, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan has appointed his brother Nagababu as the party’s General Secretary. Nagababu joined the party just before the 2019 elections and contested as Narasapuram MP only to lose.

He has announced not contesting elections anymore but is attending the party meetings every now and then.

The appointment and timing have come as a surprise. And there are a couple of theories about why it may have happened.

Some say this move is to downsize the power of Nadendla Manohar in the party.

A section of the party leaders and cadre is feeling insecure to have Manohar as the Number Two in the party.

Even though Manohar enjoys the confidence of Pawan Kalyan, it is clear that they are not happy to work under a Kamma. We are all aware of the rivalry between the Kamma and Kapu communities.

Every statement and action of Manohar are being seen from Kamma angle even though he can not act without the direction of Pawan Kalyan. This is causing unnecessary issues to the party. Probably Pawan Kalyan decided to keep a full stop for it.

With Nagababu’s appointment, he will naturally be Number Two because he is in Pawan Kalyan’s family.

The second reason may be because of Pawan Kalyan’s low availability for the party and politics. It’s been more than a month since Pawan Kalyan participated in political activity.

He has three films in four films in various stages of production. Maybe Pawan Kalyan will make Nagababu active to cover the absence. But Nagababu can not fit into the shoes of Pawan Kalyan.