Nara LokeshIt is known that TDP scion Nara Lokesh is on a mega walkathon named Yuvagalam as a part of which he is covering 4000 KMs across Andhra Pradesh.

Incidentally, there was a very interesting instance at Lokesh’s Yatra today and it has now caught the eye on social media.

In a video from the Yatra, we see a young kid walking alongside Lokesh. The catching thing here is that the kid is seen in a TDP T-shirt and a TDP flag in his hand.

Shortly after noticing the attire of the kid, Lokesh removes his TDP T-shirt and takes away the TDP flag from him.

Media reports are such that Lokesh asked the kid to leave political intentions at this age and focus on what ahead of him. He didn’t like the kids being used for the campaign.

There was a similar thing at Lokesh’s Yatra recently as he advised a bunch of kids carrying TDP flags while on the Yatra not to indulge in politics at a young age.

This class act from Lokesh is now catching the attention on social media.