YSR-View-PointOf late, netizens have been funnily commenting that if there’s one thing that the YS Jagan-led AP government is good at, it would be changing the names of existing implementations that were orchestrated by the previous governments.

While the infamous NTR university name change is still continuing to haunt Jagan, he has now gone for another name change.

Incidentally, the Abdul Kalam viewpoint in Vizag has been renamed now. The viewpoint’s name has been changed to YSR viewpoint. This has again drawn criticism from all quarters.

“Saddened to see Abdul Kalam View Point in Vizag being renamed as YSR View Point. What is this psychopathic sadism to change names? This is nothing but disrespecting a much-loved people’s president who epitomized honesty, discipline, and perseverance.” Chandrababu tweeted regarding the same.

“Changing the names for your own implementations is one thing. But this Jagan changes the names of other government projects. What does he intend to achieve through these renamings?” A netizen commented under CBN’s post.