KTR-I-PacIndian Political Action Committee, widely popular as I-PAC led by political strategist Prashant Kishor is a backbone for the YSRC in Andhra Pradesh. The I-PAC team played a decisive role in Jagan’s campaign in 2019.

Incidentally, KCR’s BRS had also been partnering with I-PAC since last April. Prashant Kishor’s personally met with KCR, and KTR earlier and designed an election campaign. In fact, I-PAC orchestrated BRS’s campaign in Manugode by-polls.

Cut to now, KTR has announced that his party, BRS is severing ties with I-PAC effective immediately. He announced the same in front of the media today.

I-PAC had been leading BRS’s social media campaign and even running extensive surveys ahead of the coming Telangana elections in order to devise an action plan for the party. But now, KTR has announced that BRS is no longer in partnership with I-PAC.

The fact that this has come right ahead of the coming Telangana elections has turned many heads. Is this because BRS is set to contest in AP, where I-PAC is already involved in YCP’s operations?