Jagan-Kodi-KathiThe other day, NIA filed an affidavit in Vijayawada NIA Court saying that there is no criminal conspiracy involved in Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Kodi Kathi case. The affidavit debunked several claims of Jagan Mohan Reddy through which he tried to get political mileage.

In his statement to the NIA, Jagan pointed out the Airport Food court (Fusion Foods) owner, Harshavardhan Chowdary as the key conspirator in his attack. He alleged that the person is a TDP leader and also expected the Gajuwaka TDP ticket in the past.

NIA clearly stated that there is no other person involved in the case other than the accused Janupalli Srinivasa Rao aka Chanti.

NIA also mentioned that the Harshavardhan Chowdary is not in fact a Chowdary. His name is Tottempudi Harshavardhan Prasad but Jagan changed it to Harshavardhan Chowdary to invoke hatred against the Kamma caste and Telugu Desam Party.

This has been a plan of Jagan in recent years. To corner TDP and alienate a caste, ‘Chowdary’ was intentionally added to the name to peddle fake propaganda.

At times, the ‘Chowdary’ tag was also added to names even though the concerned persons do not belong to the Kamma caste or even the OC category.