Desi Parents Wedding US Without VisaThe number of visitor visa applications has surged to 5,00,000, and there are many from around the world who are facing emotional, physical, and financial problems due to the uncertainty of the time period it takes to meet their family.

Many have elderly parents in the U.S. and would want to visit them. However, the numbers are increasing, and the US visa processing is taking its own time to allow for visitor visas.

As this remains the case for many, a man from Washington has decided to do what most Indians are considered to be best at.

He had planned a wedding jugaad to make sure the bride’s parents visited the wedding from Delhi.

Since the bride’s parents will have to wait for a year to get visitor visas, Sunil Dhar has made arrangements to make sure the parents attend the wedding without getting a US visa. Now, the wedding will take place in American Kitchen, a rentable building on the southern side of the park in Washington. The bride’s parents and relatives will enter the park from the northern half of British Columbia with Canadian visas.

Many feel the U.S. visa process must be accessible, efficient, and fair for important occasions either good or bad.