Chandrababu-Naidu-VijayaSai-ReddyUntil not so long ago, YCP’s Vijayasai Reddy was one of the aggressive leaders for the Jagan-led party. He often used to use offensive and provocative language against Chandrababu and other TDP leaders. His social media posts used to have a vulgar touch as well.

Incidentally, Vijayasai appears to be a changed man now. His latest social media post on the occasion of Chandrababu’s birthday implies the same. And in turn, this has angered YCP troops and they’ve started to attack and abuse Vijayasai. Here’s a look into the same.

“Happy Birthday to TDP President and Leader of Opposition Shri Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Wishing you many more happy birthdays with perfect health and long life.” Vijayasai tweeted.

For those wondering what’s special or attention-grabbing in this post, this is the most dignified Vijaysai has been with his social media posts in a while now.

Even last year on Chandrababu’s birthday, Vijayasai tweeted a photo of CBN with 420 imprinted on it. He used offensive words against Naidu in the said post and was unnecessarily abusive with the same.

But this time around, he maintained some class and in the process, impressed neutrals, and in turn angered a section of YCP troops, who are now abusing Vijayasai for sharing a heartfelt note on Naidu’s birthday.

“We’re fighting with this CBN everyday. And now you have the audacity to share a hearty note on his birthday. The party is seeing your double games. What happened to all the fire you had against him all the while?” A YCP supporter tweeted.

But what’s to be noted here is that Vijaysai has taken a turn for good. He has gone from the abusive Aparachithudu to dignified Ramu, an anecdote from blockbuster Aparachithudu.