Rama Banam Movie Producer TG Viswa PrasadTG Vishwa Prasad’s People Media Factory is the buzzing production house in Tollywood with multiple releases in an year. “There are around 30-40 films in the pipeline,” Producer TG Vishwa Prasad in his Press conference ahead of the release of his next, Rama Banam on May 5th.

“We are from IT background but we are very passionate about films. Our company’s goal is to become the fastest production company to reach the milestone of 100 films by streamlining our technical processes and leveraging our experience in the industry to identify and support talented individuals on the creative side,” he says.

“We adopted a factory model concept to overcome the barriers faced by new producers. Right from the beginning, we have been working on multiple projects simultaneously. This helps us mitigate risks. There are around 30-40 films in the pipeline,” he adds.

Speaking about Rama Banam, he sounded very confident about the film. “I have watched the film and I am confident of its success. After Lakshyam and Loukyam, Gopichand and Sriwass will bag hattrick success. The positive vibes are there from the script stage itself and so we did not compromise on the production values,” he told.

He admits the budget is well beyond Gopichand’s market but he is not worried. “I feel there are no market limitations for an actor. If the content is strong enough, we can expand the market beyond what is conventionally thought possible,” TG Vishwa Prasad added.