Womanizer DOPThis is a Tamil DOP appreciated for his craft. But it is not just about talent in the industry, discipline also plays an important role here and this guy lacks exactly that.

This lanky and slender guy is showing hell to the producers. All his films are suffering due to increasing budget and extension of working days due to his indiscipline. Incidentally, he is known for coming as a replacement for DOPs but often goes out creating more problems.

Things have gone even worse in recent times. He has picked up this habit of misbehaving with women on the set and sending lewd messages to them from his mobile.

He demands five-star accommodation whenever he is in Hyderabad and is often spotted bringing girls to the Hotel rooms. The producers are so vexed up that they get rid of him very often.

The last four films he worked in Telugu, all the producers had to show him door out middle of their films and bring in a replacement. One of the four films released recently and ended up as a disaster.