Star Hero Showing Stars To Big BrandAn American Brand has come to India and wanted a famous face to endorse it. They roped in this star hero as the Brand Ambassador paying a hefty amount and 15% on profits. But the troubles of the brand has started from the day they roped in him.

According to the agreement, he has to visit the brand outlet a specific number of times in a year. But he disappeared after the launch. He never lived up to his commitment and cooks some stories whenever they ask him.

The promotors are left in a lurch as anything against a star may backfire on the brand. He encashes the cheques periodically and his friends regularly visit the outlet and bill big amounts since the star has a stake in the business. That only compounds the tragedy of the brand.

The star has quite a few brands in his kitty and all of them have different stories to tell. Meanwhile, the original brand itself is helping the business to some extent. They currently have a presence in two cities in the South and are looking to expand to the North as well very soon.