Talk: NTR Bulldozed Anil RavipudiThe other day, RRR trio – Jr NTR, Ram Charan, and Rajamouli took part in a promotional interview with Anil Ravipudi. A few of those who have watched this interview are now opining that NTR literally bulldozed Anil Ravipudi in the same.

Going into the story, Jr NTR is obviously the most energetic and talkative one in the RRR trio. But this time around, he not just dominated Charan and Rajamouli, but he also brushed aside the host, Anil Ravipudi.

NTR is seen making fun of Anil Ravipudi and outwitting him every now and then. He literally bulldozed the latter. This is all in a good sense though.

Had it been some other top director, for instance, someone like Koratala Siva, Tarak would have been a lot more diplomatic and respectful towards them. But he doesn’t see Anil Ravipudi as one and evidently overpowers him. Anil and NTR might have known each other for a long time, but the way NTR treated the former in the interview is catching the attention.

That said, the interview, as a whole is a fun-filled one.