Custody Agent Virupaksha MoviesThe summer of 2023 has started off on a rather dull note and not that there have been any exciting or star hero films either. There are three notable films up for release for the remainder of the summer season now and they are Custody, Agent, and Virupaksha.

The thing with these films are they are heavily feint on the word of mouth to go big at the box office.

Agent had pretty good hype until not so long ago, Jr with the delays and postponement of release, it has seen a depletion in the anticipation. But given the mass touch, it can go big at the box office if the word of mouth is good. This film is releasing on the 28th of April.

Then there’s Custody, which is a content driven cop drama. There’s a mild commercial aspect for the film but for films like these to click, and moreover with a lesser known Tamil director at the helm, the word of mouth will hold the key. Good word of mouth will pull the larger section of the audience to the theaters.

As for Virupaksha, the film is almost entirely reliant on the audience reception. The trailer looked good but this will attract only a section. In order to pull the larger section, the film will need almost unanimously positive reviews from the opening shows.

So, the end point is that all these three summer releases need a very strong word of mouth and common audience talk to set the summer season on fire which is rather dull now.