Samantha Ruth PrabhuSamantha Ruth Prabhu is one of those rare actresses who can pull the audience to the theaters on her star power alone. She has been attempting female-oriented films now and then with varying degrees of success.

Samantha’s mystery thriller, U-Turn, turned out to be an average success for its makers. Oh! Baby also turned out to be a decent hit due to family audience patronage. Yashoda was an amateurish thriller, but that, too, emerged as a safe bet for its makers. But her latest film Shaakuntalam turned out to be a washout.

The first three films mentioned above were all remakes with not-so-great content. Shaakuntalam was poor in every aspect, as the director failed completely. None of the female-oriented films that Samantha has done boasted of great content, all were mediocre to decent at max.

On the other hand, Anushka and Nayanthara had female-oriented films like Arundathi and Aramm that became memorable due to the great content backed by strong roles for them. Samantha has been unlucky on that front, though 3 of the four female-oriented films she has done turned out to be successes.

Next time Samantha does a women-oriented film, she must ensure that the script of the film is really strong and has a well-written role for her to perform and excel.