Mahesh Babu SitaraNamrata Shirodhkar always posts pictures of her family on social media. Most of them are of Mahesh Babu spending time with his kids. Today, it was the turn of Mahesh and Sitara having a good time at their home.

But off late, it has become a real challenge for Namrata while taking pictures of her husband. In some of the pictures, Mahesh Babu is not seen and only his kids are dominating the picture. As Mahesh’s son, Gautam has also grown quite tall, it is hard to make out who is in the picture.

In such a position, Namratha has to post a second picture that includes Gautam in the background so that the audience gets to know it is Mahesh who was Sitara actually playing with.

On the other hand, Mahesh is very happy and is having a gala time as the response to his new song from Sarkaru Vaari Pata has been declared a winner.