Rajamouli_KeeravaniSS Rajamouli is the director who made Telugu cinema proud. He erased the Madrasi tag on Telugu Cinema and showcased the power to India and now put it on the World map.

From being called Telegu, Madrasis, Telugu cinema today is a Pan-World phenomenon and even won its first Oscar.

But there are some people who can not stand Rajamouli’s glory just because he is accidentally born in the Kamma caste which they hate due to political reasons.

For the same reason, we have seen them hitting RRR below the belt with silly stories. RRR grew strength to strength from being a 1000 Crore film to winning an Oscar award dwarfing the propagandists.

The other day, the 24 Crafts of the Telugu film industry felicitated Keeravani and Chandrabose for the Oscar award.

In his speech, Keeravani spoke highly about Ramoji Rao and said his wife wants to live at least one day like the Media Baron.

These propagandists are after Ramoji Rao as well because the Eenadu group is exposing the anti-people policies of the Government in Andhra Pradesh.

They are worried this endorsement may dent their campaign to bring disrepute to Ramoji Rao. 

At this juncture, Keeravani’s statement establishes how Ramoji Rao is a towering personality and all these people are just dwarfs before him.

Rajamouli and his family enjoy tremendous goodwill from the public and so, their statements always carry weight. So, these propagandists are suddenly worried about the repercussions of this statement.

They are attacking Keeravani once again with daggers in the name of caste.

But it is evident Rajamouli and his family gives a damn about these vested interests trying to give them caste color. If they really cared, Keeravani would not utter the name of Ramoji Rao in this environment.

For those who do not know, it was Ramoji Rao who helped Keeravani initially in his career. Keeravani’s first film was Manasu Mamatha produced by Ramoji Rao on his Usha Kiran Movies Banner. Keeravani just reciprocated to that.