KGF - Chapter 2The deafening silence of KGF 2 makers are making fans restless. The ambiguity on KGF 2 single and several other factors like promotions is putting fans into restless mode. For a couple of days, there was a strong buzz that KGF 2 first single supposedly, Mehbooba Mehbooba, was to be released on February 14.

However, the confusion around the first single continues as the latest buzz on social media is that the first single could be out on February 25 or March 1. Apart from this, the team hit headlines for its continuous visit to temples, with many assuming that KGF 2 promotions would kick start soon.

While the unending speculations continue to do rounds, it is KGF 2 makers being tight-lipped is putting the fans into restless mode. Unless and until the makers themselves announce officially, the rumours would float.

Speaking about the film, the second installment is slated for release on April 14, 2022. However, with no promotions so far and Beast also coinciding on the same date, fans are doubtful on KGF2 release and assuming that it may get postponed.