Agent-Akhil-AkkineniAkhil Akkineni’s Agent is the biggest project of his career. It is being released in multiple languages as a pan-India project. The makers claim that the film has been shot on a never-before scale and action lovers are in for a treat.

Though the makers still maintain that the film is releasing on 28th April, there are talks in the industry that still some work is left, and ‘Agent’ may or may not release on the scheduled date. This uncertainty coupled with the failure of the two songs has reduced the buzz around the film drastically.

If the film is releasing on 28th April then the makers must pull up their socks and start promoting the film in an aggressive way. There are hardly 18 days left for the film to release.

We have seen recently how the so-called Pan-India films from Tollywood failed to create even minimum impact in other languages. Vishwak Sen’s Das ka Dhamki was touted as a pan-India film but outside the Telugu states no one knew such a film even existed. Vishwak Sen didn’t do even one promotional interview for the film in other states.

Nani went out of his way to promote Dasara, especially in the North Belt. Despite heavy promotions and decent talk in the North, the film failed to collect even 2 crores.

The clock is ticking for ‘Agent’ and makers should fire all guns to regain the lost buzz around the film in Telugu states and create awareness in other markets.