Tollywood_WriterThere’s this happening writer in Tollywood now. He doesn’t pen any novel or new-age scripts, but has a decent knack of coming up with commercially viable subjects. His success rate is good.

What’s more? He is asking a minimum of Rs 2 crores per script now. He is valuing his scripts and writing efforts at Rs 2 crores.

He won’t stop at that 2 crores. His hotel stays, writing team expenses, and other miscellaneous costs end up incurring a huge bill apart from the 2 crore pay.

These extravagant demands of the writer are leaving producers in a state of shock. They are unable to comprehend the unusually high demands from this writer.

But success overshadows everything in the film industry and this writer has that to help his cause. So, his demands are ready to be matched by a few producers.

Incidentally, the writer delivered a hit with his latest film. For this film, the writer took home Rs 25 lakh more than the director, which doesn’t happen very often in Tollywood.